Where to Look In Your International Business Jobs Search

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If you’ve settled on pursuing an international business job — we first want to commend you. It takes a lot of courage to step outside your comfort zone, and we want to help you transition smoothly.

The international business scene is filled with ever-growing opportunities. Yet, where do you even get started? This post will guide you through the three most common ways to conduct international business job searches.

  1. Look At Job Boards

A job board is a website used by employers to highlight their 

position vacancies to job seekers. Thousands of international businesses — of all varying sizes — put themselves onto job boards each and every day. 

Chances are, you already know some of the big-name job boards on the Internet. Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor are popular job boards to begin your international business job search.

But did you know this website also has a job board? Global Careers Hub is the premier aggregator for international business jobs and resources. Check out our job and internship listings here!

  1. Visit Company Websites

These days, bigger companies are more likely to list their job opportunities directly on their website. For instance, you can visit Amazon Jobs to learn about all the various opportunities available at Amazon. Or, you might want to check out Apple Careers for the jobs available at Apple.

If you have a specific company in mind that you want to work for, always check their website for a hiring page first. If they have one, make sure to bookmark it.

  1. Create Your Own Job as a Global Entrepreneur

Want to be your own boss? Well, you can create your own job as a global entrepreneur! Global entrepreneurship is a mindset where one is constantly looking for ideas that can flourish into full blown international business operations. 

A global entrepreneur could simply mean owning your own eCommerce store or other international business. This career path can be daunting, but there are an infinite amount of opportunities if you put your mind to it.

Need a Research Starting Point? Look No Further

Besides searching for jobs, it’s also a good idea to research what’s out there. Our Global Trade Career guide may help! It spans many industries and is designed to help you understand the facets of opportunities in global trade, international business, and entrepreneurship. Check out the Career Guide today!

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