Understanding Global Supply Chain

Not exactly sure what the global supply chain is? You aren’t alone, my friend. It’s one of those terms where the individual words are clear as day — but when combined altogether — things get a little more complicated.

It’s time we set things clear. Interested? This post is going to first define what global supply chain, and then what you can do with that information. 

Global Supply Chain: The Definition

Despite the long name — a general definition of global supply chain is pretty straightforward. Global supply chains are the worldwide systems that a business uses to produce and distribute their products. 

Key steps within global supply chain include:

  1. Source or extract of raw material
  2. Manufacture raw material into basic parts
  3. Assemble parts into finished products
  4. Distribute products to retailers and/or create a selling platform
  5. Deliver finished products to end-users.
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As you can see, global supply chains aren’t a single item or step. It’s a business’s entire process to make their products.

Let’s consider this. A business has their product designed in Australia, and their marketing done in France. When it comes to manufacturing said product, it’s all done in America. More than a literal object or thing, the global supply chain is a process for getting things done.

Is there a difference between a supply chain and a global supply chain? That’s a great question, and there is! While both supply chains and global supply chains are processes — supply chains are those that stay local. From the design of a product to the shipping — all of the business’s processes stay within borders.

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Since global supply chains expand across the entire world — the sky really is the limit in this field! But, there are many different careers to choose from.

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