Jobs for International Business Majors

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Take a moment to think about companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple. The most prominent businesses of today are no longer confined to regional or national boundaries. With that, international business majors are thriving with more opportunities now than ever seen before.

So, what are examples of jobs for international business majors? That’s what we’ll be answering today. Whether you have an international business degree or are just interested in the field, this blog will come in handy!

Management Analyst

Management analysts crunch numbers and look at trends to recommend ways to improve a business’s overall efficiency. They also aim to improve profitability by cutting costs and increasing revenue.

Marketing Manager

The main role of a marketing manager is to oversee and contribute to various marketing efforts. Marketing managers build business awareness by developing and executing strategies to meet consumer needs and maximize profits.

Human Resources Manager

Human resource managers plan, coordinate, and direct the administrative side of a business. Some of their tasks include the oversight of hiring and recruiting efforts, and communication between management and its employees.

International Economist

People who work as international economists have a deep understanding of international trade and the various impacts of globalization on businesses. Economists may work in an advisory position for businesses or government bodies.

Global Entrepreneur

Since global entrepreneurship is our forte, we had to mention it! A global entrepreneur is someone who transforms an unique idea into a full-blown business that operates beyond boundaries.


Since stocks are available worldwide, it makes sense that some stockbrokers work internationally. People in this role execute orders in the stock market on behalf of their clients.

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialists shape and maintain positive and globally-sensitive images for businesses by communicating on their behalf. 

Global Logistics Coordinator

Global logistics coordinator is a management role that oversees all aspects of a business’s supply chain. From preparation to delivery, global logistics coordinators are responsible for getting products to consumers in a timely fashion.

Business Lawyer

An international business lawyer educates clients on applicable laws and best practices for global business. If issues do arise, a business lawyer will also represent the business that they work for.

International Trade Specialist

Navigating through international trade can be murky. And, that’s where international trade specialists come into the picture. International trade specialists crunch numbers and analyze trends to provide information regarding global business expansion opportunities.

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