Key Skills for a Job in the Global Trade Sector [International Business Insights]

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International jobs are unique in that they require a set of special technical skills and knowledge. Depending on what career path you are interested in, there are specific skills that will help you to excel in the workplace. For example, a career in customs and moving goods internationally will benefit from a knowledge of trade documentation and compliance. Foreign market research and cross-cultural communication are skills needed for Global Marketing. Despite these specific skills needed for the different areas, it is important to be a globally competent person in any career in global trade. 

In general, strong customer service skills, interpersonal skills, proficiency in a foreign language, and a global mindset will be beneficial for all global careers. Sales and procurement employees book orders, coordinate sales, and make purchases. Technical skills include CRM, import/export compliance, and tariff classification. Global marketing employees facilitate entry into foreign markets and identify trends. Global market research, cross-cultural business practices, and product adaptation are some key skills for a global marketing career. Supply chain and logistics professionals integrate services from insurance and forwarding agents, customs brokers, and transportation carriers. Technical knowledge includes IncoTerms, trade documentation requirements, and tariff classifications. 

Individuals in the trade finance field will prepare financial reports, direct investment activities, and implement cash management strategies. Key skills in this field are open account, letters of credit, filing an EEI, IncoTerms, mitigating credit risk, export quote and pricing, import/export basics, and shipping insurance. Global e-commerce professionals and entrepreneurs will benefit from knowledge in SEO, website globalization, and social media marketing.  

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