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Think about the snacks, tech, entertainment, and necessities that help us get through each day. Did you know most of these items are produced abroad? As such, the global supply chain makes it possible for your beloved products to be manufactured and delivered to you. 

With such a big responsibility, it takes the combined effort of many career groups to keep the global supply chain operating. Today, we’d like to cover some fundamental and in-demand jobs in the global supply chain.

Compliance Analyst

International waters can be murky for businesses – especially when it comes to being compliant with global business laws. Compliance analysts research, analyze, and communicate requirements to upper management, in order to maintain legal and regulatory compliance abroad.

Logistics Analyst

Logistics analysts oversee a business’s supply chain processes and actively work to improve its efficiency and profit margins.

Supply Planner

Supply planners are responsible for accurately recording, planning, and maintaining stock levels so that a business can run without hiccups.

Supply Chain Manager

From initial raw material aquistion to final product transportation, supply chain managers are responsible for overseeing and coordinating all activities involved for a business’s product or products.

Quality Systems Auditor

Quality systems auditors are in charge of producing testing parameters and procedures so that products or services can be appropriately tested for quality control purposes.

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Customs Entry Writer

Entry paperwork (e.g. custom invoices, certificates of origin, etc.) are inevitable for international businesses. Customers entry writers identify the goods that are being transported and then compile all required paperwork so that products can be shipped.

International Trade Specialist

Navigating through international trade can be murky for businesses. And, that’s where international trade specialists can help. International trade specialists use statistics and trends to guide businesses who want to expand into the world market.

Customs Inspector

Customs inspector is a type of civil service career that’s responsible for preventing drugs, weapons, and other banned goods from entering a specific country.

Commodity Specialist

Commodity specialists are in charge of purchasing raw materials and other commodities for the businesses that hire them at optimal market prices.

Import/Export Agent

This career path is responsible for managing and organizing international shipments. They’re also responsible for guiding businesses through the international shipping process.

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The global supply chain covers every industry and every nation in the world. It’s no surprise that there are ample jobs in global supply chain. I mean, we’ve only scratched the surface. Interested in the many other jobs out there related to the global supply chain? Friend, we’ve got your back.

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