Degrees to Study International Business in College

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If you’re hesitant on committing to a certain college degree – know that you aren’t alone! There are hundreds of degrees to choose from, and it can be an overwhelming task.

Interested in international business and not sure what degree to study? To help, we’ll highlight the most practical degrees to study international business (and some fundamental classes too).

International Business: Degrees to Consider

International Business

Yup, that’s right – there’s an entire degree for international business! On the logistical side of the curriculum, students learn about import/export policies, trade controls, and banking in foreign markets. Students will be able to develop and apply business strategies across borders and cultures.

Business Administration (BA)

A bachelors of arts (BA) in business administration prepares students for work in international business, trade, and finance. This degree prepares students for the working world by covering fundamentals such as business operations, best practices, industry techniques, and so forth.

Business Administration (BS)

A bachelors of science (BS) in business administration is different from the bachelors of art above. The most striking difference is that a BS in business administration covers a smaller range of topics but goes more in depth. Topics are on the more logistical side, with students learning how to break down business models, analyzing/applying statistics, application skills, and more.

Business Analytics

A degree in business analytics prepares a student to use the tools of data science in order to guide an international business towards the most logical and informed decision. Students will explore and master topics just as data mining, cleansing, modeling, and statistical analysis.

International Marketing 

Those pursuing international marketing degrees learn the skills to successfully market goods and services in worldwide markets. Students study aspects like advertising, marketing strategy, and public relations while considering unique regional differences.

International Business: Classes to Consider

Regardless of degree, we recommend that you take these core classes to develop skills necessary for international business. These include:

  • Public speaking – Learn to talk with confidence, conciseness, and communicate well with others.
  • Financial accounting – Tackle real-world examples to prepare and evaluate financial accounting statements.
  • World culture – Explore how cultures are formed, and ways in which cultures interact with one another.
  • Business law – Examine the role of the law on all aspects of business management and ownership.
  • Intercultural communication – Learn about the importance of culture in everyday lives, and how culture affects communication processes
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Is International Business Right For You? 

While it is best to have an idea of the future in mind, the process of obtaining a degree isn’t one-and-done. What we mean is that while pursuing your degree, you can always pivot if your desires or goals change in the foreseeable future.

It’s no different with international business.

Want to be inspired and/or see the bigger picture before diving in? Check out the Global Careers Hub job board for the latest career and internship listings in international business, and bookmark this website for the latest in industry news.

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