Jobs in Global Marketing

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Global marketing is very much like traditional marketing except on a worldwide scale. Those with global marketing degrees – or other relevant experiences – are able to plan, produce, place, and/or promote businesses on a worldwide scale.

However, there isn’t one singular job description for those working in global marketing. The various steps that go into global marketing require different people to work harmoniously together. 

Today, we’ll cover some of the most common jobs in global marketing!

  1. Marketing Managers

Marketing managers are the overseers of all marketing activities within a business. They are responsible for developing, executing, and ensuring max profitability from all marketing efforts. 

  1. Advertising/Promotion Manager 

These managers work under the general marketing manager, and are specifically responsible for advertising and promotions (which are often bundled together).

Advertising includes paid methods like search engine top displays, Youtube ads, TV commercials, sponsored social media posts, banner ads, and so forth. Promotions include paid and/or free methods like contests, giveaways, flash sales, and other limited-time deals. 

  1. Sales Representative

Sales representatives are responsible for selling products or services while representing their particular brand. People who work as sales representatives manage current and new client relationships, and serve as the main point of contact between businesses and clients.

  1. Copywriter

Whether it’s traditional or global marketing – copywriters are essential because they prepare the written content for ads, websites, and other marketing material. For example, copywriters might write slogans for promotions, or fill up a website landing page to be immersive. Copywriters are responsible for producing content that convinces people that your business is valuable and a must-have.

  1. Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts handle the logistics of marketing, crunch numbers, and make sales reports easily digestible to business owners. The goal for market research analysts is to pinpoint ideal consumers, think like consumers, and then use numbers and behaviors to generate helpful marketing strategies.

  1. Public Relations Specialist

Brand image is especially important if people are talking about a business that’s based thousands of miles away. Public relations specialists shape and maintain positive images for businesses by communicating on their behalf. When it comes to representing a business that’s entering the global market, public relationships specialists must have strong understandings of diverse cultures and be open-minded.

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Interested in Global Marketing? Let Us Help You Take the Leap 

Regardless of which job in global marketing you’re interested in – the industry as a whole is full of opportunities and steadily growing in size. If you want to work in global marketing, we encourage you to take the leap!

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