Tips for Finding a Job in the Public Sector

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The sector of the economy in which businesses are partly or fully owned by a federal or local agency is called the public sector. Job opportunities are available at the city/county, state, and federal levels, as well as international and non-profit organizations. The job search and application process for the public sector differs from the private sector for a few reasons. One being that the public sector job search is continuous rather than a one-off process. Jobs are posted throughout the year for all levels, so it is important to periodically check for new opportunities. 

Unlike the private sector, one of the first steps in the process is to create a government profile and take a civil service exam. It is also important to be aware of the job requirements when searching through listings, so you are prepared to show relevant competencies and skills. Use resources like the built-in template when building your federal resume so you are explicitly stating that your qualifications match their requirements. Helpful application tips like resume writing, can be found at The Partnership for Public Services’

Job search process: private vs. public sector

Careers in the international arena can be found in federal, state and non-profit agencies. One of the first steps when searching for a job in the public sector is to create a government profile and take a civil service exam. There are separate job boards for city, county, state, and federal government careers. Be aware of the job requirements when searching so you know if you are qualified for the job. It is also important to know that the public sector is a continuous job search because jobs of all levels are posted throughout the year. 

As the largest employer in the U.S., the federal government provides jobs at all levels of education. There are two classes of jobs within the federal government: civil service and non-civil service. Civil service jobs are under the jurisdiction of the Office of Personnel Management and subject to the civil service laws. Whereas, non-civil service jobs are outside the civil service system. To start your federal job search, create a profile. Identify what you are interested in and what GS-level you are qualified for. GS-3 and 4 is for students and interns and GS-5 and 7 entry-level jobs for recent graduates including AA degrees. Use the filters on USAJOBS to match your career preferences and save your search to be updated periodically. Lastly, create a federal resume using the USAJOBS resume builder following the built-in template to fill it out correctly. 

Check out the Global Careers Hub job board for the latest career and internship listings in the public sector, and bookmark this website for the latest in industry news.

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