Introducing the Global Careers Hub Blog

Welcome to the Global Careers Hub blog!If you landed on this page you likely are interested in one of the following types of careers:

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  • International Business
  • International Development 
  • Global Supply Chain & Logistics
  • International Trade 
  • Global Health
  • Global Tourism 
  • Global Marketing
  • Sales and Procurement
  • Trade Finance
  • Cross border eCommerce
  • Global Entrepreneurship
  • And more 

Perhaps what drew you to this page is actually that you want to travel the world and make an impact in the world. Maybe it’s that you want to learn more about different cultures across the globe and figure out your purpose and career path.

Whatever it is that led you here, we’re glad you stopped by. In this blog, and on this website overall, we plan to share resources to help you:

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  • Find work in one of the above mentioned careers
  • Get inspired about global careers
  • Learn about jobs available and the skills that are in demand for those jobs
  • Understand what it takes to work in today’s ever changing economy
  • Open your mind to new possibilities for careers and entrepreneurial opportunities you might not even realize exist yet

The mission of our website and this blog is to help those with a global mindset land the careers of their dreams while making a positive impact on the world. If this sounds like you, bookmark this page, and come back often to see what we’re sharing here. We look forward to serving the community!
In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about careers in Global Trade, we invite you to check out our free Global Trade Career Guide. While it is a Los Angeles Region guide, many of the positions we discuss in it are available across the globe. Check it out now!